Tau Technologies BV is dedicated to production and distribution of research products based on the annexin A5 platform

Since its establishment in 1998 Tau Technologies BV is a trusted source for annexin A5 products of the highest quality for in vitro research application. Continuity in Specialized expertise for manufacture and Scientific support for the annexin A5 platform enable Tau Technologies BV to maintain a supply of top quality annexin A5 products . Applications are typically in connection with research involving cell death, cell activation and inflammation and pathologies such as cardiovascular disease, cancer and inflammatory conditions . Custom-Made production is possible. Annexin A1 is now available from Tau Technologies BV. This member of the annexin-family has received much attention for its use in studies on inflammation.

NOTICE: In 2016 NeXins Research B.V. Operations were terminated. Tau Technologies B.V. was its sole supplier of annexin-products. The High Quality annexin-products continue to be available and can be purchased directly from Tau Technologies B.V.